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Dr. Patel discusses in Cosmetic Town Journal, various types of breast reductions. Specifically, she focuses on anchor vs. lollipop breast reduction techniques. 

Anchor vs. Lollipop Breast Reduction

September 2015

The anchor reduction technique involves a scar around the nipple that goes up and down the vertical incision and along the IMF, the fold underneath the breast.  It is a traditional anchor.

The lollipop reduction technique is also known as the vertical breast reduction. The incision is around the nipple and goes up and down.  Both techniques are applications to breast reduction and it is how the skin is excised that differentiates the two. 


While some patients are candidates for a lollipop reduction, not everybody is a candidate for a lollipop incision. The treatment option is customized to the patient and depends on how much skin they have as opposed to the amount of breast tissue being removed. The technique is really about the quantity of skin being excised. When a surgeon makes a smaller incision like a lollipop incision, they cannot really remove that much skin. It is used in patients where there is not much skin that needs to be excised.

The lollipop is not limited by the size of the nipple or the size of the breast. The limitation is based on how much skin they have. If there is a lot of skin that the surgeon is trying to remove and he only makes a lollipop incision, all of that skin is going to hang.

Anchor incisions have similar limitations to the lollipop incisions. However this incision is best for women who have a lot of skin and whose breasts are very low and hanging because more skin can be removed.

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