How much exercise do you need to do to tighten the skin on your belly?



This is a trick question. Exercise will not tighten your skin. Exercise will help you lose weight. It will help to tighten the muscles of your belly. However, exercise will not do anything to help tighten your skin.

Usually after weight loss or post pregnancy or even with age, we tend to get loose skin on our belly. Some of the skin may tighten over time but usually not enough to completely flatten your belly. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments that will help tighten the abdominal skin.

The least invasive option is PelleFirm. PelleFirm is a radiofrequency device that uses heat to tighten skin. Multiple treatments are required. These are done in the office without any anesthesia. There is no downtime involved and can even be done during your lunch break.

If you have a lot of excess skin, you may need a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. This involves surgically removing the excess skin on your belly as well as some fat reduction and tightening of the underlying muscles.

Whether a surgical treatment is the best option for you or a non-surgical treatment, discuss all your options with a plastic surgeon during your consultation. Each treatment is highly customized and individualized for the specific individual and body type.

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Nima P. Patel M.D. FACS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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